Bergen Cox: I Breathe Water

10-year-old Iker, wanting to go play in the deep sea with his beluga whale friend, tricks a wizard’s apprentice into giving him gills. In the depths, he has a chance to take on the dangerous mission of saving the life of an underwater princess – not knowing that his destiny […]

Bergen Cox: A Weasel in the Sky

Brenn, a young weasel straight out of air force academy, crashes into the woods after a successful defensive battle in the sky. After a month of recovery, he’s ready to join the fight once again… and beginning to realize that he’s no longer the same weasel that flew off to […]

Bergen Cox: The Girl and the Cockroach

Running around at the carnival, ten-year-old Menmi almost bumps into a scary-eyed old lady – who drops her vial in alarm, loses her precious potion all around the pavement, and takes revenge on Menmi by turning her into a hideous cockroach. A Hayao Miyazaki style fantasy short story. Buy here […]

Bergen Cox: Masks Fall

A breakthrough in project Sweaty Guy lands Kara a huge promotion. With her new powerful position, she could easily upload a virus into the system of the main nuclear power plant in Virginia… but is her arrogance leading her into a trap she can’t escape from? Book 3 in The […]

Bergen Cox: Access Denied

A few weeks after successfully uploading VERAX and getting rid of Martin’s body, Kara gets promoted into the team that’s looking for the mole that leaked the Pulsed Doppler fuze info. While failing miserably to frame another agent for the leak, the internal affairs team looking into Martin’s disappearance finds […]

Bergen Cox: The Boy From Mistbed

That day when my Dad took me fishing and I saw the boy standing on the tranquil water near the shore of Ignatio, I knew magic was real. On a fishing trip with her father on a misty lake, Alice sees a boy walk on water – and fight a […]

Ayla Liebenbell: The Woman on the Train

Ethan, a soldier returning from a stint in the Middle East, meets a woman on the train that looks exactly like his girlfriend at home – and is both compelled and terrified to find out whether it’s really her or just a doppelganger. A short story. Buy here on Amazon

Ayla Liebenbell: The Ruiner

I want to ruin our friendship. Jason, a high school junior, has been best friends with Courtney since they were little, and falling in love with her was never the plan. Hiding his true feelings has been relatively easy – but when one day he blurts out a slip of […]

Ayla Liebenbell: Forbidden Places

Edward, old and withering away on his deathbed, tells his granddaughter the story of how he met his first love – and lost her – fifty years ago.  Buy here on Amazon

Sinéad de Penna: The Brotherhood

After a devastating attack on their headquarters, Gray Levi, the top operative of a rogue criminal organization, has to assemble a team and retrieve a mysterious Red Box from its oceanic hideout – before the CIA figures out their true objective and eradicates his entire family.  Buy here on Amazon

Ayla Liebenbell: Summer in the Hamptons

When Diane arrives at the Hampton summerhouse of her father’s friend and meets his handsome but grumpy son, she immediately knows that she’s being set up with the boy – and immediately resents him for needing his father’s help in getting a girlfriend. The teens hate each other from the […]

Ayla Liebenbell: The Choice

When Eleanor’s parents die and leave her a castle she never knew about, the writer sees it as the perfectly quiet and inspiring place to go to finish her magnum opus. To cover the maintenance costs, she rents a part of the castle out to an athlete recovering from an […]

Bergen Cox: Either You or Me

Kara Jones, who works as a cybersecurity specialist in the CIA, has a secret: she is actually a Russian spy, whose mission is to upload false intel into CIA’s database. As rumors of a mole start going around in her department, she must finish her mission before someone realizes her […]

Sinéad de Penna: The Last Esposito

When Maria’s father dies unexpectedly, he leaves her a beautiful home, a ton of money – and a mafia empire to run. As she struggles to turn into a confident leader overnight, her enemies close in to strike, teaching her a painful lesson: in this business, she cannot afford to […]

Ayla Liebenbell: The Pretender

While sitting in her favorite cafe after an unsatisfying day at work, Katherine meets Chase: a handsome, charming, and obviously rich businessman – who wants her to become his pretend-wife. As Katherine decides to take a leap of faith and move into his mansion, she is unaware of the feelings […]

Sinéad de Penna: Cure Number Seven

After a pandemic wipes out most of humanity, a scientist immune to the virus sets out with the cure to find survivors – and ends up finding something else completely. Sinéad de Penna’s debut is a short story set in 2040’s Earth left devastated in the aftermath of COVID-19. Buy […]

Bergen Cox: Time and Patience

Vayen Actor, a 25-year-old assassin, has been planning to kill a certain infamous mafia head for 15 years. When he finally manages to infiltrate his floating sky fortress, he stumbles upon an alternative solution for his lust for revenge – one that can change the course of his entire life. […]

Bergen Cox: True Analyst

Alma Smith, a young math prodigy, gets recruited to calculate nuclear attack probabilities during the Cuban Missile Crisis – and soon learns that her intuition can be both absolutely right and absolutely wrong. Buy here on Amazon

Bergen Cox: It Spreads

Jorge, a young virologist, desperately clings on to his dream of studying at Stanford University, all awhile the world around him begins to die uncontrollably due to a coronavirus. Buy here on Amazon

Bergen Cox: A Tale of Lost Things

Klyron Cornystone, a famed archaeologist, loses everything and more as he leads a team of explorers to the excavation site of a surprisingly old ruin. Bergen Cox’s debut is a science fiction short story set in the distant future. Buy here on Amazon