Ayla Liebenbell: The Woman on the Train

Ethan, a soldier returning from a stint in the Middle East, meets a woman on the train that looks exactly like his girlfriend at home – and is both compelled and terrified to find out whether it’s really her or just a doppelganger. A short story. Buy here on Amazon

Ayla Liebenbell: The Ruiner

I want to ruin our friendship. Jason, a high school junior, has been best friends with Courtney since they were little, and falling in love with her was never the plan. Hiding his true feelings has been relatively easy – but when one day he blurts out a slip of […]

Ayla Liebenbell: Forbidden Places

Edward, old and withering away on his deathbed, tells his granddaughter the story of how he met his first love – and lost her – fifty years ago.  Buy here on Amazon

Ayla Liebenbell: Summer in the Hamptons

When Diane arrives at the Hampton summerhouse of her father’s friend and meets his handsome but grumpy son, she immediately knows that she’s being set up with the boy – and immediately resents him for needing his father’s help in getting a girlfriend. The teens hate each other from the […]

Ayla Liebenbell: The Choice

When Eleanor’s parents die and leave her a castle she never knew about, the writer sees it as the perfectly quiet and inspiring place to go to finish her magnum opus. To cover the maintenance costs, she rents a part of the castle out to an athlete recovering from an […]

Ayla Liebenbell: The Pretender

While sitting in her favorite cafe after an unsatisfying day at work, Katherine meets Chase: a handsome, charming, and obviously rich businessman – who wants her to become his pretend-wife. As Katherine decides to take a leap of faith and move into his mansion, she is unaware of the feelings […]