Sinéad de Penna: The Brotherhood

After a devastating attack on their headquarters, Gray Levi, the top operative of a rogue criminal organization, has to assemble a team and retrieve a mysterious Red Box from its oceanic hideout – before the CIA figures out their true objective and eradicates his entire family.  Buy here on Amazon

Sinéad de Penna: The Last Esposito

When Maria’s father dies unexpectedly, he leaves her a beautiful home, a ton of money – and a mafia empire to run. As she struggles to turn into a confident leader overnight, her enemies close in to strike, teaching her a painful lesson: in this business, she cannot afford to […]

Sinéad de Penna: Cure Number Seven

After a pandemic wipes out most of humanity, a scientist immune to the virus sets out with the cure to find survivors – and ends up finding something else completely. Sinéad de Penna’s debut is a short story set in 2040’s Earth left devastated in the aftermath of COVID-19. Buy […]